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Vehicle Camera

These days anything can and does happen on the road. Our superb range of vehicle cameras allow you to record the unexpected. Tried and tested by Vision Systems we have successfully installed cameras in a number of vehicle fleets including government contracts.

Dash cameras and an automated driving recorder are your vehicle's black box.  It provides an automatic and continuous vehicle tracking and recording of each journey, storing dual video, audio, GPS and G-Sensor data to an SD card, even after the driver exits the vehicle. Simple to install and easy to use software enables you to customise settings and output files. 

It's a powerful tool for many applications including:

  • Taxi surveillance
  • Law enforcement
  • Fleet Risk Management
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Student and Advanced driver training
  • Racing car driver training
  • Aerial Flight Instructors
  • Nautical Recording
  • Tourist Scenic video
  • Personal audio / video projects

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