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CCTV Hardware

Vision Systems will make sure that you have the best possible CCTV system based on your business needs, be it analogue or IP (digital) camera hardware.

Analogue Camera 

Can record straight to a DVR (digital video recorder) which are able to record analogue signals as pictures. Unlike PCs, most DVRs designed for CCTV purposes are embedded devices that require less maintenance and simpler setup than a PC-based solution, for a medium to large number of analogue cameras.

Analogue signals can also be converted into a digital IP signal to enable the recordings to be stored on a PC/ Server as digital recordings. In that case the analogue video camera must be plugged directly into a video capture card (encoder) in the computer, and the card then converts the analogue to digital IP signals. 

IP Camera

IP cameras or network cameras have superseded analogue cameras in the industry. IP cameras connect direct to a network switch and then through on to a recording server running VMS software. The most common IP cameras installed are 1MP, 2MP or 5MP.